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Age: 17
Status: single
Location: Virginia
Three of your best qualities: I'm friendly,honest,and outgoing

Tell me what you...
...Watch: Project Runway,How Do I Look,Look for Less,Closer, and I recetlty started watching the Hills because my cousin lives in the apartments on the show.
...Wear:5*7*9 and Papaya
...Read:anything except science fiction
...Love:friends, rain,the beach, boys
...Hate: liars,stuck up people
...Would do if you best friend hooked up with your bf/gf: at first be pretty angry but afterwards try and figure things out with them and take it from there

Actor: Robin Williams
Actress:Bernadette Peters,Uma Thurman, and Rachel McAdams
Singer:Natasha Bedingfield
Band: don't really have a favorite i listen to pretty much everything
Author: i don't have a favorite author..if a book looks good then i usually read it.
Book: Last Girls
Color:blue,green, and lavender

Now tell me why...
...You rock:I'm an honest person that people can trust. My friends kno they can count on me and I'm always there for them
...You're hot: I don't think I'm that hot but a few guys do.
...People fear you:i don't follow the crowd. I'm my own person.
...You're loved:I'm nice and easy to talk to. I am always making new friends.
…You think you are SUPPOSED to be in the pretty committee: People tell me I'm pretty and I stay pretty active in communities

Have you ever...
...Gotten arrested? no
...Smoked (anything)? i tried once and it was disgusting so i haven't done it since
...Had a house party? no
...Been on TV? yeah
...Cheated? on tests:yes on guys:no
...Cut class? no

Show us your MEAN side
We're going to give you some names, you tell us why they SUCK.

Your ex:He was a jerk who only wanted sex so when i told him no he cheated on me the first girl that came into site.
You're Worst Enemy: that would be my ex.
Your least favorite celebrity: Paris Hilton. She needs to grow up and wear better clothing. She thinks she's a role model for kids but al she's telling them is that it's ok to be slutty.

Opinions. The longer, the better:
Drug/Alcohol use:I've lost three friends in drunk driving accidents. So I don't like alcohol use. It doesn't smell good and doesn't taste good. Why would anyone want to drink it. Doing drugs is a complete waste of time.
Gay Marriage: There's nothing wrong with it. I don't understand why people have such a big problem with gay marriage. It shouldn't matter if it's two guys or two girls. All that should matter is that they love each other.
Plastic Surgery: I don't really have a problem with it. If it makes you happy to get plastic surgery then go for it. I am hoping to get approved for a breast reduction in the next year.But that's for health issues.
Death Penalty: I think that if you killed someone than you don't deserve to live. It's not fair to take a life and get away with it. But if the person didn't kill someone they shouldn't get a severe punishment.
Animal Rights:You mean animal cruelty right? I cant stand animal cruelty. It's the one thing that really pisses me off. I dont understand how you could hurt a poor defenceless animal. I know there are people who do it for fun and that's sick and wrong
Money VS. Love: Love is way more important than money. Money disappears after a while but love stays forever. As long as you have enough money to live you'll be fine. But no one to love is a very lonely road.

Make us laugh.
Show us something FUNNY. It could be a picture, or not. Tell us a joke, just DO SOMETHING.
There are a few quotes that i really like.
"To attract men, I wear a perfume called 'New Car Interior'."
Rita Rudner
"Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then when you see what the other fellow has, you wish you had ordered that."

"I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."
Rita Rudner

Your Creative Side [optional]:
Make us a banner [rejected/accepted or just a banner for the pretty_commitee]:

Where did you find us? I was just searching through some of my friends communities and it lead to here.

Suck up to th mods
booom_shotback : well you def. very pretty. The one thing that comes to mind is movie star.
browneyedbabe05 : i love your smile. It just brings out your beauty 10x more.

3 places - like your livejournal, a community, SOMEWHERE.

Link us to your myspace if you have one.
Put up THREE (or more) clear pictures of yourself. They have to be visible.


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